Digital Signage is communication using information displays in various environments

Digital Signage info displays allow you to distribute content to your target groups in a variety of environments. Information display communication can be, for example, marketing and advertising to your customers or stakeholders, or it can be used to improve the internal communication of your organization.

Information screens and touch screen services increase the comfort and occupancy of your premises. Digital Signage can also be automated content aimed at select audiences from your production or sales systems.

Get the DS implementation as a complete solution

The implementation of Digital Signage consists of a media player, a display, a suitable mounting solution and content management software provided by the system vendor. In addition, an internet connection is required between the terminal and the maintenance server.

When you choose as a digital signage solution provider an operator who has a content management system that works via an Internet browser, all you need to maintain the content is an account to access the system, a device (computer / tablet / phone), a browser and an internet connection. This allows you to maintain your content from anywhere, anytime, even if the info screen is in a seperate location.

1. Content Management Software
The software is located on the system vendor's SaaS server. Each user can manage content, content timings, and playlists on a single monitor or multiple monitors, depending on their clearance granted to them by the administrator. More about the Content management Software >

2. Media player
A media player is a device connected to a monitor on whose hard disk all content is downloaded from a content management server. It also has information about the order in which the content is to be played (playlist). The media player can also be integrated in the monitors, but separate players can also be connected to the displays.

3. Display
Select an information display that has a longer service life and is specifically designed for 24/7 use; after all in many places, the screens need to be on around the clock. Professional monitors also use higher quality components and can have a warranty period of up to four years. More information about screens >


Why Digital Signage is worth it

Proven benefits of using Digital Signage in various industries.

Additional value

  • Ten times more likely to attract the attention of the customer compared to poster adds
  • The movement and the change of content draws attention
  • Speed and timeliness of information
  • Improving the efficiency of material distribution to different offices
  • Utilization and further use of the same information
  • Improving the use of Social media or Intranet

Improving communication

  • Device speed - ensures up-to-date information at every location
  • Clarification of the company's values and operating methods for staff
  • Improving communications with the personell; improved staff satisfaction
  • Guides people to more detailed information, such as more efficient use of the intranet
  • Improving the efficiency of space communication and functionality of the space
  • Increased effectiveness of guidance, increased comfort and safety of the premises
  • Improving occupational safety

Sales growth

  • Brand visibility - strengthens the image of the product as well as the corporate image
  • Reach customers better - an effective marketing tool
  • Increase sales and increase the average purchase size
  • Improving production and sales - real-time situation reports on screens

To whom is it for?

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