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Quality and service life matter. When thinking about display devices, keep in mind that your intention is to benefit from Digital Sigange implementation for your operations for years to come. You probably want that operation to be as reliable as possible. From the start, select screens designed for Digital Signage. This ensures a longer service life for your implementation.

Tools for presenting content

Display devices use LCD, LED, projection techniques to display content. Monitors can be used in public spaces, real estate, corporate premises, production facilities, department stores and shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, museums, sports facilities, on the street and other outdoor spaces or vehicles.
The display network can be easily expanded step by step and the displays can be located anywhere in the world.


Information displays

Monitors can be located indoors (normal info screens), windows (high-brightness screens), or outdoors (outdoor screens).   The screens can be passive information displays or made interactive via an implementation of a touch-screen.

Digital Signage - digital displays thats contents are controlled remotely - is a sophisticated way to improve up-to-date communication in busy environments.

The solution is significantly more cost-effective and flexible compared to traditional TV and print advertising. The content of an information display is ten times more effective than traditional paper-advertising or -information sharing. Movement has been studied to be the most sensitive stimulus to humans. Sound can also be used in presentations of information screens

Touch Screens

Touch screens work in passive mode like info screens. When the user touches the screen, it changes to a scrollable screen (comparable to a tablet). The touch screen can provide diverse information to the user. For example, space guidance information, space reservation and usage information, or many other types of information related to the property. It can provide timetables, restaurant lunch menus or even weather information and rain radar. We have also implemented online stores for browsing on the touch screen inside the store.
The touch screen interface is always designed to best serve each customers communication needs during implementation.

Monitors for reservations of spaces

Displays for reserving spaces can be screens in the property's lobby. In addition to other information, it presents the reservations for the conference facilities in the property as desired. Or it can tell the status of the reservation of that space in a doorstep of a negotiation or other room.
The space reservation information for the display is retrieved from the space reservation system you are using via a separate interface. We have also implemented automated extranet space booking solutions that can be connected to the necessary tools and service. Billing for the use of facilities can also be automated during implementation.

Video walls and LED panels

Information displays can also be assembled into video walls as desired. They usually use their own narrow-edged video wall screens. The wall can consist of, for example, 2 x 2, 3 x 3, etc. display surfaces. If necessary, they can display the same content as the info display, taking into account the size of the content and the proportions of the screen.

LED-panels are widely used in outdoor displays, but they are also becoming more common in indoor use. Their size can range from a few meters to tens of meters. Likewise, the proportions can be implemented as desired. LED-panels are more expensive than info displays. The price can vary a lot not only based on the size but also on the resolution of the screen; the number of pixels per square meter.


The right kind of equipment will ensure your success

The last, but not the least link in a successful Digital Signage system are the instrument screens. You should invest in quality. You should always use monitors designed for Digital Signage. They have a much longer lifespan compared to televisions. Likewise, the image quality is better in long-term use. The price difference today is relatively small.

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