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A beloved child has many names. Digital Signage, Information Displays, Information Boards, Advertising screens, Guidance Displays, Space Booking Displays ... However, depending on your content, these all come in the same package; a tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently share different information to different spaces and environments.

On these pages, we’ll tell you more about what you should take into consideration when implementing Digital Signage. We've broken down the content of these pages by deployment steps: from the start of deployment to presentation tools.

What on earth is Digital Signage?

Digital content that can be displayed on a variety of media (e.g., info screens, touch screens, doorway screens, LED walls, etc.).  This content may include text, images, video or other files. Increasingly, content is the automatically retrieved information from your other digital services, outside content services, or external software interfaces.

Properly implemented, Digital Signage improves
your communications and enhances your message. After all, the advantages over, say advertising with posters, are self-explanatory. The movement grabs ones attention immediately! Chech "What is Digital Signage"> for more info!

What should you consider when deploying?

As you start thinking about implementing Digital Signage in your company, you probably have a need to communicate with your target audience. Think about what needs you might have for digital communication right now as well as in a year or two.
Include everyone in charge of content, your advertising department, your marketing manager, customer service, HR communications, or production managers.Reserve sufficient resources for them to produce content. This is how Digital Signage communication becomes an integral part of your communication.
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Content and added value comes first

Prioritize deciding on a message most beneficial to your business. For now, ignore the technology and technical tools and focus on how to best develop your business, thinking of what sort of content you want to share and who you wish to share it to.

Think about where to best reach your target audience and what you want to tell them. With Digital Signage information displays, you can increase sales, strengthen your brand, increase customer satisfaction or improve the use of your facilities.
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Ensure a working Support Service

Think carefully about who you wish to start developing your Digital Signage communication with. Choose a partner who will also take your business forward, not just now but for years to come. Forget hardware dealers - inches and kilohertz. It’s about your business, not just software, internet, and display devices.

When making your purchasing decision, make sure you choose a vendor from whom you get support with both content and technology at the implementation stage as well as further in development.
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What tools do you need?

Once the communication plan is complete, you will need reliable and secure content management software for information displays, an Internet connection, and the tools to present your message.
You can read about Content Management on our Galaxo.fi website >
In devices, you should invest in reliability and longevity. Don’t choose the cheapest option. Investing in professional tools will ensure your Digital Signage communications for years to come.
More information about the tools:

Successful Digital Signage implementation requires a skilled partner

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