Content should be easy to maintain!

The most important part of the Digital Signage implementation is functional and easy-to-use software for managing and producing your content for information displays. It needs to scale to your potentially expanding display network and content needs. The software must also be secure and reliable. It must be able to include automatic content and information from other systems.

What should you require from the software?

The software should be easy to use and functional under all conditions. It should also be secure, you don't want the displays to use content of those other than you. The software should also scale to your future needs. It should include easy file management.
Digital Signage software should allow easy sharing of content from multiple sources.

You may need user management for your software, or directly from your current AD user management. Also, require that your IT department be able to make your own custom interfaces to your own software as needed.

Connections required for Digital Signage software:

  • Network services
  • Intranet
  • Social media channels
  • Space booking system
  • Your other software and systems
  • Different news-channels
  • RSS feeds
  • Most common softwares

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The supplier is important

Be sure to choose a trusted operator to help you set up your system and produce content. Also as a partner in the operation and development of your Digital Signage system.

High-quality Digital Signage software from Finland

Galaxo Oy has done implementations of information displays and content implementations for our customers in Europe as a total delivery since 2007.



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