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In order for your Digital Signage system to transmit information over the network, you need data connections for each of your monitors. The connection can be implemented in several different ways. We go through alternative connections on this page.

Many different types of internet connections

The monitor network needs an Internet connection for each monitor. This allows individual monitors to download new content from the server.
In the best systems, such as GALAXO® Infochannel, the content of the presentation will not be affected by losing internet connection. A lost internet connection merely prevents new content from being downloaded. All content is loaded onto each terminal along with its timing, so the presentation continues to work. When the connection is restored, the terminal checks for any changed content and downloads it to your hard drive and onto the presentation based on additional scheduling.

Cable internet connection

The safest and most recommended way to make your connection is to use a wired internet connection. Especially if the content contains, for example, large video files, a fixed connection is a sensible choice. You need an open Internet connection (DHCP) for easy setup and use.

Mobile Connection

The connection between the terminal and the server can also be implemented with 3G / 4G / 5G mobile connections. A mobile connection often makes more sense, for example, in larger display networks, where the connections differ from site to site. In this way, the unit-specific equipment package can be standardized. Likewise, implementation at new location is easy, just get it plucked in.

Wireless network

The wireless network can also be used as needed. However, there are large differences in their functionality, for example, based on the time of day and day of the week. The GALAXO system downloads all content in the background and adds the content to the playlist only when it is fully downloaded to the terminal's hard drive. Even such a slow connection is not a problem if the real-time nature of the information is not that important for the content.




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