The support service monitors, helps and develops with you

Already at the procurement stage, make sure that you receive support for the use and development of the service even after implementation. You may need help maintaining and developing your content as well as monitoring and maintaining your display network. Also, make sure you get software that evolves as you and your overall communication needs evolve.

If you want to develop the service, what do I do?

When you need help, it should be close. New individuals may need orientation. You may need graphic or technical assistance. You may want to add devices to new locations, or move existing ones to different locations.

You need a partner who will respond and help quickly in every situation.

At different stages of the Digital Signage solution lifecycle, there will be a need for change, new interfaces, or changed operations or content. A reliable service provider takes responsibility with you for the content, system and devices. Likewise, develop and monitor content and system with you throughout its lifecycle. Read more about our support>



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