Careful planning is the foundation of everything

As you begin to think about acquiring and deploying Digital Signage in your organization, take some time to plan things out. Start with thinking on the added value you are striving for. Think about where, when, how and with who you want to share your message. Who plays a key role in producing content or will the flow of information be automated from external services. Choose a competent and reliable partner for your implementation. You don't have to decide this all by yourself then. By working together, you avoid pitfalls and failures.

How do I get a system?

Once the way to achieve the goals with the information display communication is clear, it is time to acquire the necessary tools. The easiest way to get a Digital Signage implementation is as a complete service, with a reliable partner to support you through all stages, seeing as it's a long-term invesment and this will be the best way to ensure you get the full benefits from that investment.

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Digital Signage Deployment Steps

So that you don’t have to start from scratch to design an info display solution, use the list below as guide-lines or let's think together on how you can get the most out of your Digital Signage implementation as effectively as possible.

1. Need
If you want to enhance your communication in one or more areas, you need to develop your business
2. Mapping
Think about what added value Digital Sigange could offer to your business. or we can do it for you
3.  Clarification, definition
We can figure out for you - or think together on, how it would make sense to start implementing the service
4. Purchasing decision
We will make you an offer for the whole package. After that, we can think together on whether the implementation will bring benefits worthy of your investment.
5. Organization
After your purchasing decision, we can launch a deployment project. It won't take much time from you and your staff. Include all necessary units (read more>). This is how you get the most out of your system. Choose for maintenance content managers of different departments or units. we will familiarize them with the use of the service in about half an hour.
6. Content and connections
Let's think about the contents together. We can implement them while keeping your preferred graphical style in mind or we can do it together with you. The important thing is that the content on your screens stays up-to-date, changes with the time and the date - in line with your actions. This is ensured by integrating other relevant information from your digital service, Social media and your infosystem into your information display content. Read more>
7. Commissioning
During deployment, our partner can install the displays to your desired locations as needed. We also test the operation of the system, content and equipment before using your Digital Signage service in production
8. Maintenance and development
We are always on the phone or email away when you need help. For more information, see the Support and Development section.


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